Thursday, November 01, 2007

$250,000 pledged for mesothelioma research

According to an article on mesothelioma research, a study on the cause of mesothelioma — a rare, as-yet-incurable cancer — among some Iron Range miners has been given a financial boost.
A $250,000 appropriation that would help pay for medical examinations of miners as part of a University of Minnesota and state Department of Health study was unanimously approved Thursday by the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board at a board meeting at IRR headquarters near Eveleth.
Since 2003, 58 Iron Range miners have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, a rare, fatal form of cancer linked to asbestos exposure. Iron Range lawmakers have fought passionately to move ahead with a study that would pinpoint whether iron ore dust causes the disease.
The $250,000 IRR appropriation, which Gov. Tim Pawlenty still needs to approve, would be spent locally for x-rays, MRIs or other diagnostic services on miners, Rukavina said.

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