Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Senator Boxer's Statment in Support of Ban on Asbestos Opens Hearing

Senator Boxer opened a Senate Hearing today on the subject of banning asbestos in the United States with a statement that has been posted online at http://www.yubanet.com/artman/publish/article_58942.shtml

Senator Boxer stated: "This is an important hearing for millions of Americans who have been exposed to asbestos, for their families, and especially for the thousands of American families who have lost family members to asbestos-related lung disease and cancer. Millions of Americans are still being exposed to asbestos today, and if we don't act, countless more people will get sick and die in the future."

In her compelling speech, Senator Boxer described the stories of several women who died from mesothelioma and showed a photograph of a human lung "damaged by mesothelioma".

Senator Boxer described the shameful and continuing importation of asbestos products into the United States including automotive brake and clutch parts.

The problem of asbestos in brakes and clutches and the risk of mesothelioma caused by automotive repair has been discussed at http://www.nynjmesothelioma.com/news_asbestos_ford_training.php

In fact, the above article discusses the fact that even the automotive industry itself acknowledges the health hazards posed by the use of asbestos in brakes and clutches.

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